How a strong brand can boost your business on Google

The online presence of your business is more critical than ever. Imagine you’re craving takeaways, and you turn to Google for guidance. You could simply search for “takeaways,” but you’re in the mood for a specific experience, so you type in “MacDonalds” This simple choice shows why having a strong brand and brand recognition is vital for being found on platforms like Google. Let’s examine why brand strength matters and the significance of brand searches over generic category-specific terms in the quest for web visibility, relevance, and success.
The Digital Marketplace Landscape

The internet allows even the smallest of businesses to compete globally. However, this newfound opportunity also brings fierce competition. To stand out in this vast digital marketplace, businesses must build strong brands that resonate with their target audience.

The Power of Strong Branding

Trust and Credibility:
Strong brands are synonymous with trust and credibility. When consumers encounter a familiar and reputable brand, they are more likely to click on it in search results. According to a study by BrightLocal[1], 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when it appears in local search results with a complete and informative listing.

Loyalty and Repeat Business:
A well-established brand fosters customer loyalty. Loyal customers return and become brand advocates, referring others to your business. This word-of-mouth marketing is priceless.

Improved Click-Through Rates:
Google’s algorithms favour websites with high click-through rates (CTR). Strong brands tend to have higher CTRs because users trust them more. According to a study by Advanced Web Ranking [2], branded keywords generate a 82.6% higher CTR compared to generic keywords.

The Statistics Speak Volumes

Let’s dive into some eye-opening statistics that emphasize the importance of brand searches over generic category-specific words:

Brand vs. Generic Search:
According to a report by Moz [3], brand searches make up approximately 8-10% of all Google searches. This means that many users actively search for specific brands rather than generic terms.

Higher Conversion Rates:
Another study by BrightLocal [1] reveals that branded searches have a 15% higher conversion rate than non-branded searches. This suggests that users searching for specific brands are likelier to purchase or engage with a business.

Local Business Impact:
For smaller businesses, local search is crucial. Google reports [4] that searches containing “near me” have increased by over 500% in recent years. When consumers search for local services, they often include the brand name, indicating that strong local brand recognition is pivotal for attracting nearby customers.

Strengthening Your Business Brand

So, how can your business enhance its brand recognition and visibility on Google?

Consistent Branding:
Ensure your brand’s name, logo, and messaging are consistent across all online platforms. This uniformity reinforces brand recognition.

Content Marketing:
Create high-quality, relevant, and engaging content showcasing your industry expertise. This can help establish your brand as an authority.

Social Media Presence:
Be active on social media platforms that align with your target audience. Engage with your followers and use social media to reinforce your brand’s voice and identity.

Online Reviews:
Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google My Business. Positive reviews can boost your online reputation and trustworthiness.

Paid Advertising:
Consider investing in paid advertising campaigns that target brand-related keywords. This can help capture users actively searching for your brand.

Businesses can strengthen their brand and enjoy increased visibility and success in the online marketplace by focusing on consistent branding, content marketing, social media presence, online reviews, and strategic advertising.

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[4] Google, “How ‘Near Me’ Searches have Increased by 500%,” 2021.

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