Aquaculture Excellence Awards

New Zealand King Salmon’s inaugural Aquaculture Excellence Awards were established to reward the best of the best within their Aquaculture team who are forging the path forward in the world of the King salmon species.
We were tasked with bringing the awards to life and getting team members excited about attending the gala dinner and awards ceremony. To mark the prestigiousness of the awards we created a unique logo and identity, which aligned with the New Zealand King Salmon brand. We then rolled this out across various assets. The invite needed to feel refined with extra ‘wow factor’ to reflect the significance of the awards, an event that team members should feel proud to be a part of.

We created a design consisting of two layers inspired by the awards theme of ‘Life Below Water’. The translucent top layer acts as the surface of the water, when this is lifted it reveals the life below; a school of salmon swimming across the paper. The unique stylised line drawing references scientific illustration styles to acknowledge the Aquaculture team’s close work with the King salmon species.

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