Feast for the Senses

Feast for the Senses launched this month and we haven’t been this excited since someone stuck a cone on the top of the Cathedral spire.

Cathy from Uniquely Nelson approached us several months ago to float the idea of creating a local festival in the heart of winter. The aim of the festival would be to draw people into the City to experience some of the great eateries and and bring Nelson alive at night. The festival was to be called Feast for the Senses and would encourage diners to experience food from restaurants they may not have tried before.

The brief was simple: make it bright and make it warm. In winter, people are inclined to huddle around their fires at home, and we wanted to give them a reason to go out and have fun, even if it was cold.

We developed the typography and filigree artwork, then printed it out on to clear acetate along with a unique texture of yellows and reds. We then layered these separate sheets over a light-box and photographed it from above.

The resulting image was a glowing red and yellow backdrop with the Feast for the Senses text seared above. It was warm and inviting, like the glow that spills onto the street from a busy restaurant at night.

We then produced the artwork across multiple formats including a brochure, posters, car signage and website updates. It was a very satisfying job to be a part of, and by all accounts a complete success – many of the events selling out before the the festival commenced.

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