Marketing: Making it a priority

Are you a busy owner struggling to make time for marketing your business? Tony Downing has some practical advice on how to get started when making marketing a priority is the hardest part.
“Marketing um, yeah, I need to get on to that.”
A regular admission by lots of business owners. We know that we should commit more resources-time, people, and money to marketing. But understandably other tasks get in the way. Operations, getting the ‘real work’ done, attracting and keeping staff, finances and compliance, as well as health and safety. These are all important things that often seem a lot easier to attend to before marketing.
Ask anyone running a small to medium-sized business and they will tell you; the hardest thing about marketing is making it a priority. One of the main reasons for this is that marketing doesn’t offer a quick-fix solution. Marketing demands a commitment to delayed gratification. With sales calls and digital advertising, you can see the immediate impact of your approach. In a sales call, the prospect either accepts or rejects your offer. Marketing, on the other hand, is about cultivating future demand. The effort you invest in marketing today may not provide immediate results. Create and build share of mind now, for share of wallet long-term.
There are a couple of things you can do to get the ball rolling on marketing your business;

Get the ‘Just do it’ attitude.
Don’t let the irony of that mantra be lost on you. It’s no coincidence that successful names in business, those companies that are thriving are dedicated to marketing and executing a strategy as part of their business plan.

Make a date with marketing.
Block out a set time each week to focus on marketing. Even if it is only 30 minutes a week to start with. Small steps are better than nothing.

Set some marketing goals, and allocate time to reaching them.
You might want your brand to be one that customers love and recall first when they think of your work category. You may want to use marketing to increase the value of our products, or maybe you want to become known as the very best business in your field. Whatever you want to achieve, put it into a plan with some realistic timelines.

Improve your messaging.
Have a clear and appealing reason for people to choose your business instead of the competition. This is a core marketing task that ensures you can consistently tell your story to potential customers across your website, social media and other communications.

Get an understanding of who your ideal customer / audience is.
There are so many opportunities, channels, and platforms on offer, but if we aren’t clear on who we want to speak to and where and how to talk to them, we can’t successfully start.

Identify what makes you stand out and tell people about it.
Take a stance on why your business is offering something unique, and make a statement.

If you do one thing today, it should be to understand the transformative power that marketing has on your business. When executed effectively, marketing will enhance every facet of your business.

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