Sassy™ — The Apple with Attitude

Say hello to Sassy™, the lovable new apple from Aotearoa New Zealand.

We worked with the team at Golden Bay Fruit to create a brand for a new apple called ‘Sassy’. Luscious, crunchy, and adorned with a deep red colour, Sassy is completely delicious, with the perfect balance of sweetness and attitude.

Our challenge for this new apple brand was to make Sassy stand out and to appeal to a large international market. The name and logo already existed when we started. Our job was to develop a visual brand identity and personality that matched this unique apple variety.

We created an engaging brand story and tagline that brought out the distinctive features and taste experience of the Sassy apple. The logo was a bit rough around the edges so we tidied it up and introduced a richer, more distinctive colour palette. A watercolour texture was created by-hand to portray the apple’s colouring and taste experience. Packaging and point-of-sale assets were developed, resulting in a high-impact launch in grocery stores in Shanghai, Thailand, Vietnam and across Asia.

We were so happy with our company brand refresh, we engaged Downing to work on one of our new IP variety apples “Sassy”. We wanted branding that was attention grabbing, unique and set this variety apart from others, and Downing delivered. We have received so much positive feedback from the industry on the Sassy brand launch. The look, feel and personality are totally different to existing varieties and have created a launch pad to build a beloved consumer brand.

— Eleni Hogg, Marketing Director at Golden Bay Fruit