Springbrook makes bespoke condiments and ingredients for a wide range of food manufacturers, foodservice and retail brands. You may not have heard of them but you’d likely find one of their tasty creations in your shopping trolley or at your favourite lunch spot. They had outgrown their previous branding and wanted to create a fresh and vibrant new look which would reflect their commitment to providing delicious products and outstanding service with a little added dash of joy.

A new look, a new brand positioning

The new wordmark is a recognisable evolution of the old, with a subtle softening of the letterforms and the introduction of dollop and swirl-like shapes to reference Springbrook’s saucy fare.

The old tagline ‘flavour comes first’ put a huge emphasis on flavour and was ambiguous in conveying what they actually do. Our strategy discussions revealed that Springbrook’s ‘above and beyond’ service offering is actually where they stand apart. Incredible flavour is just a given.

We shifted the focus with their new tagline – ‘trusted taste makers’. This effectively conveys what they do but also how they do it, repositioning Springbrook as a reliable partner who can be trusted to have your back. A nice bit of alliteration and rhythm makes for a memorable, catchy line that rolls off the tongue and sticks in the mind.

We created a cohesive visual system that conveys Springbrook’s vibrant personality and captured new photography to showcase their products and help tell their story. Their new tagline and messaging injects some fun into their communications while effectively conveying their offering.

Their new brand was rolled out across a huge range of touchpoints including stationery, packaging, sales brochures, merchandise, digital and video assets, pull up banners and a trade show booth. This evolution has repositioned their brand to hero their industry-leading service.

Our customers know Springbrook to be a reliable and proactive supplier with people who genuinely care. However we struggled to share this personality. Downing ‘got’ our vision and strategy, and with the new brand launched, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. From the initial brand workshop with through creative identity, design, project management and launch, everything went smoothly, and we were always excited to see the next design/asset. We loved the brand identity, and the messaging immediately resonated with our whole team.

– Tayla Clifford, Marketing manager at Springbrook