Can you create a candle that has the scent of creativity?

This year we set out to hand-make dozens of candles with a unique fragrance — the fragrance of creativity. Is it soothing lavender in a bath, or zesty lemon cheesecake? Or is it midnight coffee before a big deadline?

We spent weeks scouring the planet for the right ingredients. Some smells were so soft they were almost undetectable; some so strong they singed our nostril hairs. We finally settled on a secret combination of aromas designed to inspire, invigorate and stimulate your grey matter.

Why create a creative scent?

Much of the work that we produce at Downing is visual. It is something that can be seen on a sign, or scrolled through on a screen. But the visual side of the work we produce is only the tip of the iceberg. There is often a lot of thinking, coding, planning, management, and energy that is invested into each job that makes the work we do special. So we thought it would be good to explore the ‘non-visual’ side of creativity.

For centuries humans have been using aromas to influence how we think and feel. The molecules of certain smells affect the limbic system in our brains which can influence a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline and hormones.

How to make a creative candle…


Soy Wax: 240g / 300ml volume
Fragrance: 24ml


Wick holder
Glue Gun
Jar and lid
Medium sized
Large mixing bowl
Pouring jug

Attaching Wicks

Adhere wicks to the inside bottom of your jar using a dab of hot glue. Ensure it is centred.
Thread the wick through the wick holder & place the wick holder so that it spans the diameter of the glass, making sure the wick is centred. Bend the wick over the wick holder, this will hold it straight as you pour in the hot wax.

Melting Wax

Place soy wax in a double boiler on the stove. Heat on medium heat to 75-80°C until melted.
At approximately 80-82°C add your candle fragrance. Gently stir in well for at least 2 minutes to allow the fragrance to bind with the wax.

Pour scented wax from melting bowl into pouring jug and wait for the wax to cool to approximately 60-62°C before pouring into your jar to your desired level.

Set for at least 24 hours at room temperature.
Trim your wick level with the top of your jar.

Trim wick to 6mm before each lighting.
Keep candle free of any foreign materials.
Only burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface.
Remember to always burn your soy candle right to the edge when you first use it, otherwise it will only ever melt to where you first burnt it.
Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.
Stop burning when 15mm of wax remains.